History Collecting Data for Conservation: vintage photograph for Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Nan Province

Researcher:                                       Associate Professor Kanta Poonpipat
Year:                                                   2015
The history of photography arises since the early 19th century based on Obscura camera. Later, it has been developed all the time which leads to film production and digital era in the present. Photography has been utilized to record data occurring at specific moment. Moreover, because of being able to record actual data, photography is popular and widely utilized, and it has been developed continuously since its origin. Upon this article, it will tell about the origin of photographs in Lanna provinces with major purpose on the photographs exist in Nan City because the author has spent many years on fieldwork gathering data and collecting information of ancient photographs in Nan City. However, this article mainly focuses on Thai photographers in order to reflect the abilities of Thai photographers which have been evolved no less than other countries. We wish to present this article from fieldwork research which is another aspect lying under the fieldwork research for more perfection.
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