Vision Missions and Objectives

Vision Missions and Objectives


“Chiang Mai House of Photography : Centre for Photographic Studies”


  1. Conservation of Lanna Pictures to be resources for research and development as well as network building.
  2. Provide service area for photo exhibition and photographic art academic service.
  3. Promote and support creative photographic art.
  4. Promote the development of Media arts and design department, Faculty of Fine art Chiang Mai University to become 1 in 3 of Asia.
  5. Promote the development of Thailand photographic industry to become international.


  1. To collect information of Lanna ancient photographs and to orderly conserve for further leaning, To be the full-facilitated center of learning, researching, academic service and distributing Lanna cultural information in the Lanna ancient photographs.
  2. To provide space for exhibition and information distribution related to sciences and arts in these Lanna ancient photographs. To promote the production of photographic arts and researches concerning with photography in regional, national and international levels.
  3. To show Chiang Mai University’s capabilities in academic diversity regarding to conservation and maximum benefits and the readiness to become one of leading universities in ASEAN.
  4. To improve Media Arts and Design Department to be one of Asia’s top 3 in media arts. To promote Thailand’s photograph industry development to the international level.

University Policy

Chiang Mai House of Photography will be the center of photographic creativity promotion for specialists recognized by the Faculty of Fines Arts at Chiang Mai University. It will be administered according to university policies. It brings together groups from academically-affiliated academies associated with Chiang Mai University. All subscribe to academic service policies that specifically address:

  • the needs of the community
  • maintenance of art and culture
  • conservation of natural resources and environment.