Photography exhibition “ Fashion from Painting”

        Chiang Mai House of Photography with all lecturers and students of Photographic Art Department of Media Art and Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University cordially invited you to the photography exhibition “ Fashion from Painting”.

        The exhibition of third year’s students of Photographic Art Department of Media Art and Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University. This photography exhibition is part of Basic Fashion subject that design for train the students to present fashion photographs by applying understanding and technique of fashion photography that students have learned from the class. The students will learn and benefit  to create works inspired by Lanna (Northern of Thailand) art and culture as reference. By offering through a photo exhibition was inspired by the mural painting inside the temple in the Northern of Thailand, all the data had been applied and synthesized in creating new and diverse works that keep pace with the  changing nowadays.


Room No.1 Title:  LA BELLA RAGAZZA

       This photo set is inspired by murals painting of Wat Wiang Ta temple by choosing part of  Mrs. Siwoei which is outstanding and unique for apply to create photographic works. This photo set offer the beauty of the traditional Lanna costumes including the dress and makeup which is different from the present.

Photographers Kamonpan Tivawong, Kornkanok Laochai, Wanida Phanpan, Wanchanok Thamjinda


Room No.2.1 Title:  PUMAN-YAMAN

       The inspiration of mural painting work called “Whispering of Love” in Phu Mintr temple by using mixed Myanmese traditional and nowadays clothing. For show the valuable of  the old traditional costumes with the beauty of nowadays clothing at the same time.

Photographers TiThinan Chaita, Metha Jullapugdee, Sirawich Doungkhae, Siriwuntinee Weerapong


Room No.2.2 Title: Chinese Lanna fashion

       This fashion set was inspired by part of Mural paintings which show the relationship between Chinese people and Lanna people in an ancient time because in the past has many Chinese people who was evacuated to live in Thailand. This fashion set show how the beauty of Chinese costumes is by using Qipao dresses combined with shooting in Lanna local place (temple).

Photographers Pimthada  Pathomphokinsathian, Partrarat  Thongaram, Apanuch  Yoodee


Room No.3 Title: Mrs.Siwoei

       This fashion photography set is inspired by murals painting of Wat Wiang Ta temple by choosing part of  Mrs. Siwoei with her traditional Lanna accessories which very beautiful and unique combined with new design costumes in lanna traditional textiles.

Photographers Napat Chimprasert, Nampetch samart, Nunnapas Prueang-opas, Warissara Laopitakyotin


Room No.4 Title: BOND

       This set was inspired by the relationship between human and animals which was in Lanna mural painting at Wat Wiang Ta, Creating new 3 differents pictorial photography sets.

Photographer Kamolwan Rerkngam, Jidapa Langka, Beesan Tan


Room No.5 Title: ENIGMA

       This set aims to create a contemporary visual through the murals. People normally believe that murals is outdated and unable to do anything excepted in the museum or in the temple. For this reason, photographers choose the mural painting of Wat Kong Kheak which was the story involves the dance of the fairies as inspiration of creating a fashion photography set.

Photographer Karin  Triyakul, Pathon Thesvanich, Wanut Sriwichai, Sutphuphai Wangpooklang, Saensin Saksoong


Room No.6.1 Title: Foreigner

       Inspired by mural painting at Wat Phu Mintr, Nan province in Northern Thailand which is the part of foreign visitants who was moved to live in Nothern of Thailand in an ancient time. In murals illustrate the differences of cultural outfits between Burmese people and Northern Thai people which was attractive to photographers by offering a combining between Lanna traditional costume with foreign visitant outfits in fashion photography.

Photographer Kittithat Khunchote, Pornpimol Rojsirianan, Petcharada Nanthapromma, Wisarut Tuankam


Room No.6.2 Title: Cowboy

       This photo set is inspired by murals painting of Wat Wiang Ta temple by choosing the story the use of weapons of  Chao Sang Muang with his soldier. The initiative proposes a new fashion photography with inspiration from the use of weapons.

Photographer Pongpak Titpadub, Nonthawat Niyomyart, Jutawat Rattikanok, Ekkasit Anakkanon


Photography Exhibition “ Fashion from Painting” at Chiang Mai House of Photography is on January 1st, 2017 until April 1st,2017
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PUMAN-YAMAN : ปู่ม่านย่าม่าน


Chinese Lanna fashion


Mrs.Siwoei : นางสีเวย






Gallery Name 7:  Foreigner